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Jacket: Usually refers to the heating/cooling jacket surrounding the stuffing box on some pumps.

Jammed Impeller: Occurs when some type of debris is pulled in the suction port that stops motor rotation.

Jandy Valve: A brand name of a three way valve, which has simplified pool plumbing.

Jet Package: An accessory kit sold with jet pumps. Can consist of ejector, extra nozzles and venturis, bushings and reducers, pipe adapters and foot valves, and packing leathers. Also known as Ejector package or Injector package.

Jet pump: A centrifugal pump incorporating an ejector assembly.

Jet Pump-1-: A centrifugal pump with a jet (venturi) attached, either at the pump (shallow well) or in the well (deep well). While the centrifugal part of the pump uses centrifugal force and the atmosphere to work, the jet uses hydraulics and the atmosphere. The jet has no moving parts. jet pumps primary function is to increase pressure (shallow or deep well), or help draw water from a deeper depth (deep well only).

Jet pump-2-: A jet pump is a commonly available residential water supply pump. It has an interesting clever design that can lift water from a well (up to 25 feet) and allow it to function without a check valve on the suction and furthermore does not require priming. The heart of the design is a venturi(source of water is from the discharge side of the impeller) that creates low pressure providing a vacuum at the suction and allowing the pump to lift fluids.

Jet Pump-3-: They are used in spas to provide additional thrust into the hydrotherapy jets.

Joule: A metric unit for the measurement of heat. Defined, as the energy required to move one Newton over one meter.

JTU (Jackson Turbidity Unit): A visual means of measuring water clarity based upon the amount of light passing through a tube of water.

Jump Board: A mechanism that has a coil spring, leaf spring or comparable device located beneath the board which is activated by the force exerted in jumping on the board.