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K-factor: A factor that provides the head loss for fittings.  The K factor for various fittings can he found in many publications.

K-factor-1-: Values assigned to fittings, such as elbows, tees, strainers, valves, etc., based on testing measured head loss.

Kalrez®:  An "elastomer like" material manufactured by E.I. Dupont that is used to seal most solvents and other aggressive fluids. It is available in several different grades.

Kilogram: One thousand grams.

Kilowatt (1000 watts) Hour: Electrical measurement designed to bill customers based on usage per hour. Watts are listed for every unit , power consumption and cost is dependent on the KILOWATT HOUR charged in your area. If a pump states that it uses 1000 watts and your power company charges you 10 cents a kilowatt hour then it cost's you 10 cents an hour to run that unit and if the pump list's 250 watts then it cost's you 2.5 cents per hour to run that unit.

Kilowatt-1-:  One thousand watts. The normal unit for work in the metric system.

Kilowatt-2-:  A unit of electrical power that equals 1,000 watts.

Kilowatt-hour (KWH): A power demand of 1,000 watts for one hour. Power company utility rates are typically expressed in cents per kilowatt-hour.

Kinetic Energy: A thermodynamic property. The energy associated with the mass and velocity of a body.

Kinetic Energy-1-:  Created by a centrifugal pump when the velocity of the fluid is accelerated to the outer rim of the impeller. The amount of kinetic energy given to the fluid corresponds to the velocity at the impeller vane tip. The faster the impeller revolves, or the bigger the impeller, the greater the energy given to the fluid.  This kinetic energy is then harnessed and slowed by the resistance created by the pump volute (casing).

Kingsbury Type Bearing: A type of thrust bearing that floats on a cushion of lubricant; used in submersible pump motors; requires that the motor be up to a minimum speed (typically 1800 RPM) within one second to sustain cooling.

KPa: A metric unit for pressure. 100 kPa = one atmosphere.

KVA: Code Designated by a letter on the motor nameplate and indicates a range for values for locked rotor kva per horsepower.

KYNAR: Is a registered trademark of ATOFINA Chemicals, Inc. 3% NICKEL IRON — Improved corrosion resistance over gray and ductile iron. Higher temperature corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. Very resistant to oxidizing atmospheres.