Water Pump Repair, Motors, Pressure Reducing Valves & More


Our Mission

King Pump’s single responsibility assures superior workmanship on all water pump and electrical motor rewinds, repairs and reconditioning. Experience is the key to quality and we have a work force which is highly trained in the pump and electrical equipment field. A sizable parts inventory permits fast turn-around to minimize customer’s downtime. We offer Warranty Station repairs for many major suppliers and after-warranty service for essentially all equipment that we offer. 

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In-Shop Services:

  • Repair & Recondition of Pumps and Motors 
  • Boiler Feed Pumps 
  • Booster Pumps 
  • Cla-Val Pressure Reducing Valves
  • Condenser and Chilled Water Pumps 
  • Cooling Tower Pumps 
  • Effluent, Sump, Sewage and Stormwater Pumps 
  • Fire System Jockey Pumps
  • Residential and Commercial Swimming Pool Pumps 
  • Sentry-Pak Booster System Components 
  • Sprinkler and Irrigation Pumps 

Pumps, Systems Repairs & Rebuilding

King Pumps repair & reconditioning service will revitalize your water pump or system, regardless of manufacturer, model or age. This cost-effective service is  available, in most cases, is significantly less than the price of a new  pump or system. 

Machine Shop & Welding Facilities

A complete machine shop is available for the fabrication of custom components and re-placement of defective pump and motor parts. 

Electric Motor Rewinding and Reconditioning

The  electrical shop offers complete rewinding and reconditioning of motors.  Our technical know-how, efficient production capability and careful attention to testing details ensure that each repaired unit will  function efficiently, reliably and durably.